Senhor Fahrenheit and the Philandmonicas

Tu vas para alla, ellas para aca (you go over there, the girls come over here) is a collaboration between Senhor Fahrenheit (myself) and Harmony Molina (of the Phil And Monica) during my residency at Das Andere Selbst while working on a video piece that is still a work in progress since 2013

Year: 2013 | Thanks to Elia, Mischa and Harmony Molina

Nothing Vampirez - Psycho Fox

I wonder what happened to these kids. They came out of nowhere in the myspace era (when everything came out of nowhere all of a sudden) because they had seen my Cassette Playa video, paid me a relatively generous amount for a teenage garage band, and disappeared into nowhere again. Hit me up if you read this!

Year: 2007?

Petardos (feat. Hanayo)

Once went on holiday with Hanayo to Fuerteventura for Christmas. We dressed up and threw fireworks in the beach and made a silly video with all of it. I remember I was reading the Lady Snowblood manga in the funky beach appartment we rented. It was like Pippy Langstrumpf's house but on the beach.

Year: 2007?