Music Videos

Amish Boy: 'Exhaustiv'

Amish Boy's return to Power Vacuum is blessed with an animated video from Gómito that encapsulates the humour that runs through Mile Smee's label. Directed and animated by Mario Campos/Studio Gomito. Taken from the EP 'Nice Try Donnie' out now on Power Vacuum Featured exclusively in Boiler Room TV

Year: 2019 | Thanks to Power Vacuum

Los Massieras - Rumores

Los Massieras were (are?) a side project of my buddy Hugo Capablanca from Discos Capablanca and his friends. They let me do this video as a school project and my other buddy Natalia Ferviu channeled our beloved Raffaella before she got crazy famous. Now I'm just waiting for Natalia to call me when she needs a music video of her own as she follows our idol's footsteps...

Year: 2010 | Thanks to Natalia, Hugo and Elsa

Cassette Playa

Technically not a music video, but a fashion promo. Works as an unofficial music video for a track by breakcore artist Cassette Playa's amazing threads. This was done way back in 2006, but I'm still proud of it. And it generated me a bunch of publicity and connections that...I then failed to do anything useful with.

Year: 2006 | Thanks to Carri, and hope to see you again sometime!

Tonite Only - The Bomb

TBT 2006, biggest budget I ever got from an australian band I never heard of before and I never heard of again. Don't know what the hell I was thinking back then, throwing opportunities away like that.

Year: 2006

Eternal Megapan

Ghetty Images hosted a competition where they let you access to a lot of their watermark-free video collection to make a remix video. I didn't win, or even paid attention to who won, but I had a hell of a blast downloading hundreds of cheesy as fuck clips that I still use in live visuals...had to create more than one account because I hit the limit of videos you were allowed to download. Made the music as well

Year: 2009 | Thanks to Ghetty Images