Good Morning, the Morning Show

I keep contributing bits and pieces for "Good Morning, the Morning Show!" the satirical TV show by Candelaria Saez Valiente which will hopefully be on a TV lookalike near you soon. This piece is my first ever published render in Blender, very happy after the switch!

Lockdown in Sameheads

'Lockdown in Sameheads' is a promo for Octavio Garabello's painting of the same name.

Animation work for 'Days'

I just worked together with Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard and Zayne Armstrong for their soap opera 'Days' I did all the compositing and animation work, doing my first lip synch animation since school! But you can't see it just yet - They are presenting it bit by bit live as the production evolves, and you can follow it here and here Check the event link

Missed Connections

Missed Connections is a multimedia installation by Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard including a 10 minute animation dream sequence film directed and animated by me during lockdown time. Check the event link

Solo Exhibition in Sameheads

Studio Gomito is having its first solo exhibition at Sameheads Berlin, this thursday 5th of March of 2020 from 18pm. Sameheads: Richardstrasse 10, Berlin, by Ubahn Karl Marx Strasse Check the event link


For the next Twista party we've teamed up with our friends at Nemesis Air to create a double combo of poster and videoflyer

Arrivederci Cocktail D'Amore!

It was a heartbreaking goodbye to the Cocktail D'Amore folks after the venue got sold to make some kind of crap developments, and we took the chance to celebrate its legacy with a little animation by us with track by Bruce Phopho

Amish Boy: 'Exhaustiv'

Amish Boy's return to Power Vacuum is blessed with an animated video from Gómito that encapsulates the humour that runs through Mile Smee's label. Directed and animated by Mario Campos Taken from the EP 'Nice Try Donnie' out now on Power Vacuum Featured exclusively in Boiler Room TV


We're slowly thawing the Pizza Suicide TV corpse and pushing it like a zombie into the uncharted territories of youtubers, influencers, musers and other contemporary creatures. Here we have Octavio!

Bad Hammer - Ghost

Bad Hammer - "Ghost" from "Extended Play" (out march 2019 on Italian Island & Doom Chakra Tapes)
A film by Bad Hammer
Cast: Lizzy Sell, Mario Campos, Pepe Trapiello, Marie Sophie Beckmann, Sami Toroi, Candelaria Saenz Valiente, Marijn Degenaar, Nils Grundke
Cinematography: Carlos Vasquez Color: Muscle Temple Lab
Special Thanks to Judith Schroiff & Claudia Raupach

Pictorial Candi - Stargel

Star Gel or The fall of the house of Usher.
You go back home every year to visit your family and feel as if time there were a solid ("everything is jelly"). A melancholy way to live/die, falling into time like into a pool of star gel.
Star gel is the 2nd. single from her album THE SECRET SALTS, out June 14, 2019 on Mansions & Millions (Berlin) and on Nicey Music (L.A.).
Directed and edited by Candelaria Saenz Valiente (Pictorial Candi)
DoP: Lucia
Nieto Salazar
Color: Aleksander Makowski
Effects: Mario Campos

Pictorial Candi